Covid Management - Reduced Distancin - Hallmark of Harmony, Horizon 2020

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Posted By: Phil Gill
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Date Posted: Thu, 24 Feb 2022
Getting ready for performance

Our chorus is now entering the latter stages of preparation for the show on 19th March.  We will be standing on risers as happened at the QuartetCon show last November.  Consequently, we will need to be able to stand closer together at rehearsals to better reflect the experience of singing on stage. 

At the time of writing, numbers of people nationally with Covid continues on a downward trend, and the government has confirmed its intention to relax Covid legislation.  Whilst this is encouraging, the risk of a Covid outbreak amongst chorus members has not disappeared.  If this were to happen, then it could seriously disrupt our preparations for the show and, at worst, force the chorus to withdraw from it.  To mitigate this risk whilst still allowing singers to stand closer together at rehearsals, Exec has decided to keep all other safeguards in place for the time-being.  It will continue to monitor the situation and will announce further changes when it is considered safe to do so.

What is changing from 1st March?

The minimum distance between singers at rehearsals will be reduced from 2 metres to 1 metre.  If anyone wishes to maintain a greater distance from other singers, they may do so.  We will still be standing on the floor, rather than risers, at rehearsals for the time being. 

All other existing safety measures will remain in place.  Members may continue to wear a singer’s mask at rehearsals if they wish to. 

Your pre-rehearsal checklist
  1. If you have not already supplied your Covid pass (for travel) to us, to show you are fully vaccinated, then please send to Shirley Course. (
  2. Take a lateral flow test in the 12 hours* before each rehearsal, and either register the result via or take a photo of it.  Then send the NHS result confirmation email/text or photo to Phil Gill before the rehearsal, or show on arrival. (* if you have to take a lateral flow test for work or any other reason just outside the 12 hours before rehearsal, we may be able to accept the result of that test instead.  This is because of possible difficulties obtaining sufficient LFTs.  Please contact Phil Gill if this applies to you). 
  3. Stay away from rehearsals and performances if you have any of the following common symptoms of Covid:- 
Runny nose Sore throat
Headache Persistent cough
Fatigue Fever
Sneezing Loss of taste and/or smell

Comments or questions?
If you have any questions or comments about this change, please send to Phil Gill.