Past Performances

LABBS 2019

Sat, 26 Oct 2019
After winning the BABS 2019 gold medal, Hallmark was Invited to perform at the LABBS 2019 convention. We performed 4 songs.
1. You're a heavenly thing
2. My Cup runneth over with love
3. Nearer my God to Thee
4. Bridge over troubled water (where we were joined by BHS International Quartet Champions "Instant Classic")

You can enjoy our performance here: Hallmark at Labbs 2019

Holland Harmony 2019 - Hallmark of Harmony, Horizon 2019

Sat, 30 Mar 2019
Hallmark were invited as guests to Holland Harmony. This was an ideal part of our preparations for BABS in 2019 and a wonderful opportunity for us to share the stage with the "Cheshire Chord Company". For our joint performance we sang "Without a song" beautifully arrange by Sam Hubbard, The performance was both memorable and moving for the singers and the audience.

This was the culmination of a tour that took in a well received concert in Amsterdam with VLVT and some outdoor singing by the Rijksmuseum also in Amsterdam.

Please enjoy our performance here: Hallmark in Holland

Sainsbury Choir of the Year 1988

Tue, 1 Nov 1988
Hallmark of Harmony entered and almost won the Sainsbury's choir of the year competition in 1988. Club folklore has it that the sponsor from Sainsbury's was biased against Barbershop as a genre and didn't want us to win. There is a further element to this story as it is told; apparently Richard Stilgoe (one of the judges) resigned in protest!

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