Tim becomes a "Legend of Hallmark" - Hallmark of Harmony, Horizon 2020

Tim becomes a "Legend of Hallmark"
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Posted By: FrankieG Grasso
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Date Posted: Fri, 2 Apr 2021

Tim Briggs awarded "Legend of Hallmark" status

Tim's relationship with Hallmark changed this year and although Tim is already a legend in Hallmark, BABS, LABBS and just about anywhere he goes, we felt that it was time to recognise this with a formal(ish) presentation. Hallmark has been on memorable journey with Tim at the helm for the last 4 years and we are all incredibly grateful. 

After the excellent coaching session from Jordan Travis, which TIm attended, an awards ceremony was planned. Little did Tim know that this was a cover for a COVID-19 safe delivery of the award, a bottle of bubbly and framed photo to honour Tim's newly found status as a "Legend of Hallmark", Thank you Tim.

To round off the night we did look at the awards, there are some up and coming legends:
  1. Member most likely to have had dark hair when he started barbershop singing.: Colin Maskrey
  2. The member with the most hair growth on his head over lockdown.: John Faben
  3. The member with the most facial hair grown over lockdown.: Jules Roberts
  4. SPARK awards: The presenter with the most unexpected session. : Glenn Goodman
  5. Section awards: Tenor most likely to be asked for help in a musical emergency.: Sam Hubbard
  6. Section awards: Baritone most likely to spot mistakes in sheet music.: Colin Maskrey
  7. Section awards: Lead most likely to aspire to be a front row prima donna.: Chris Bromley
  8. Section awards: Bass most likely to count "do-doos" on his fingers.: John Faben
  9. Member making best use of kitchen facilities during rehearsals.: Paul Mason
  10. Music Team: member making best use of metaphors when coaching.: Andy Allen